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Looking for GPS Tracker Malaysia? You can find it here.

Get Prepared Sdn Bhd offers you various features of GPS tracker devices. 

We have user-friendly support systems such as cloud tracking systems and tracking device features.

We even tested this innovative tracking system to ensure it helps you make a better decision for GPS tracking.

Our product comes with a stunning interface and is loaded with plenty of informative and useful data regarding our tracking system.

  • Approved by SPAD & JPJ for Permit Renewal
  • Sleek & Modern User Interface
  • Trip History Playback
  • 6 Months of Tracking History
  • Real-Time Fuel Monitoring
  • Fleet Management System
  • Data Export Tools (Excel & CSV)
  • 24 Hours Toll-Free Call Centre
  • Mileage, Parking, Ignition, Over Speed Report
  • Real-Time Alert Via Website, Apps, & Phone Call

GPS tracking devices by Get Prepared is the perfect solution for your vehicles, for instance, cars and trucks.

There are various features in this tracking device:

  • Voice Monitoring
  • Anti-Theft System – Protect your car from auto-theft
  • Battery Backup Built In
  • Real-time Tracking Via Web And Mobile Apps – It is super useful and handy to track your vehicles and your bus operations.
  • Real-time Fuel Monitoring
  • High Sensitive GPS Chipset
  • Support Two Way Communication
  • Built-in Dual Camera for Live Surveillance (Front and Inward) – It is very useful to track your vehicles, or even your car rental business and by ensuring a safe road trip, monitor your adolescent children and people driving behaviours.

Within seconds, you can attach this GPS tracking device to a car and begin tracking its movement. 

With Get Prepared, you can have impressive vehicle surveillance at all times.

It helps to protect your car from any unwanted circumstances or unexpected incidents.

With its simplicity of use, you do not have to go through hassles and it saves you from having worries in the future.  

Take a Quick Look on Our GPS Tracker Device

Let’s take a look at our example screenshot’s reports and records of our GPS Tracking Systems history. 

See it and believe it.

Why You Should Use GPS Tracker From Get Prepared Sdn Bhd? 

What makes our GPS Tracking System the best in the market is we provide a trusted and reliable solution for your needs. 

We even got you covered, either it is for your personal vehicle or for fleet tracking.

Nevertheless, here are our offerings:

Free Trial Program

We stick to ‘try first, buy later’ so you can experience our product before buying.  You may return to us after a week if you are not satisfied.

Read this: How To Start Free Trial Program?

Onsite Installation

We provide the installation service to install your GPS Tracker. The trackers are installed completely hidden from sight.

  • Product Warranty

The warranty will be up to 2 years. One to one replacement.

  • 24/7 Support

Get Prepared is always available to give you prompt assistance and support whenever you need us. You may contact our customer service at this toll-free call centre.

If you are still unsure whether GPS tracker is significant for you, you can check out our comparison table for a better understanding and decision. 

FAQS on Our GPS Tracker System

We have received a couple of questions asked by our customers:

1) Is a GPS Tracker Visible?

Answer: No, GPS Trackers are installed in such a way that is not visible to anyone. Our technician will ensure that the device is secured and completely hidden from sight.

2) What is the Power Source of a GPS Tracker?

Answer: The device obtains its power source from the vehicle’s battery.

3) What if anyone disconnects the GPS Tracker?

If there is a disconnection occurred on the GPS Tracker, you will immediately receive SMS and call alert on your registered mobile. In addition, our GPS Tracking systems will draw from their internal battery, which only can last up to 24 hours.

4) How much does it take for installation?

The installation that would be done by our technician would take 30 to 40 minutes, which depending on the complexity of the car – the higher the model, the more it consumes time for installation as the wiring has to be done in a properly.

5) Can I install the Tracking Device myself?

We are prone to recommend this tracking device to be installed by our technician company (a trained professional). However, if you are fully aware of the wiring in a car, you are allowed to install the device on your own.

6) What is the limit of GPS Tracker?

Our GPS Tracker devices are working via satellites, thus it can go anywhere in the world although it still depends on the GSM Network too. 

If your SIM card in the GPS Tracker is only restricted to Malaysia, then the SIM only works in Malaysia. If it is a global roaming SIM, then it works all over the world. 

7) Where can I check the location of my car?

Since our system is a fully online web-based, you can check them through the web. All you need to do is to log in the web and check your vehicle details from anywhere in the world.

8) Can I check my car on mobile?

Yes, you can. Just download our Apps from Playstore or App Store to check the status of your vehicle.

9) What maps do you use?

Our system is using the latest Google Maps version.

10) Can I see where my car was some days back?

Sure, you can. All history data is stored in our server for a period of up to 6 months securely. You definitely may see the exact location of your car or vehicles at a given point of time. 

11) Can I check fuel usage?

Absolutely, our devices are customized to have fuel check facility too.

12) Do you have fuel sensors for Trucks?

Yes, we have customized fuel sensors for Malaysian Market Trucks with sizes starting from 12 inches up to 28 inches.

13) Do I need to buy a SIM card?

No, it is not necessary to do so. We have provided SIM cards together with our GPS tracker.

We hope these questions and answers provide you with a clear understanding of how our systems work.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Grab this chance now to have one GPS Tracker for yourself. You may contact us here.