gps fleet management

If you are confused with GPS Fleet Management, this article will untangle the knots in your mind. 

In short, fleet management is an effective way for cost-efficient operation. A complexes system with electronic components installed in vehicles.

This article will show you what a fleet management system is and how it processes your fleet operations.

To start, fleet management is the management of vehicles that consists of commercial motor, private, aviation machinery, ships, rails cars and non-powered assets.

This management involving a range of vehicle functions in the transportation business. To ensure that optimal utilisation, consumption of fuel and its daily maintenance.

Either an in-house fleet management department or an outsourced fleet management provider can be dealing with these functions.

Why Do You Need to Manage Your Fleet?

The fleet manager is playing the most vital roles in the company, as to make sure the driver to get the mobile workload done, enhance fleet safety, compliance and liability. 

Being a fleet manager is not easy as one need to able lead the fleet team, drivers and multiple management levels towards a company vision.

You need to keep those responsibilities to maintain the good condition of fleet vehicles before use and your drivers are driving safely and in compliance with government regulations.

To do that, you need to manage the fleet management, to inform the senior management about fleet performance, budget requirements, products and programs in the company.

Fleet management helps to maximize the productivity of the company’s workflow, enhance driver’s safety and organization’s vehicles.

Using fleet management software, you can track the vehicle, reporting on fuel consumption, monitoring driver behaviour and managing vehicle maintenance.

GPS Fleet Management Software

To make things easier, there is a software to manage fleets that run by a company. It enables people to perform a series of specific management tasks that cover all vehicle operations.

The fleet management software main role is to collect, store, process, track, report and export information. It helps you manage the vehicle, the driver, incident and the tracking.

Vehicle – Referring to all types of vehicles. Manage its inventory, maintenance, licensing and registration, insurance, cost management and disposal of vehicles.

Driver – Manage driver’s license, reporting infringements against a license, booking system for pool vehicles and safety of the passenger. 

Incident – Manage accidents, fines, plus the allocation of costs to drivers.

Tracking – Consists of telematics, route planning, working time logbooks and alerts. 

Fleet Management Software can be built in-house by the company and differs greatly in terms of its complexity and expense. 

The software is directly related to fleet management but after some periods, it has become more effective and increasingly necessary as a growing amount of vehicle-specific legislation has been implemented. 

Fleet management not focusing only on its fleet management software, but also provided other functions towards the vehicle. 

Although you spend a fortune every year in fleet management, your money can be saved in some ways and that your hard-earned money will not be wasted. 

With additional functions like:

GPS Vehicle Tracker

Based on the Global Navigation Satellite System. 

Once factors such as location, speed and direction are measured using the GPS, Vehicle Tracking System sends them to Fleet management for further processing.

Mechanical Diagnostics

It evaluates data such as fuel usage, mileage and other real-time components. 

This occurs via the Fleet Management system that connects to the vehicle’s on-board computer and collects data for the driver.

Driver Behaviour 

In order to prevent unforeseen accidents, fleet management has a vehicle telematics network that receives a wide range of real-time data.

This system gathers the history of the driver and his driving action patterns to display his driving performance on the road.

Fleet Security And Control

To reduce cases of stolen vehicles and cargo, you need to ensure your company is safe by tightening the company’s security.

With fleet management, it enables you to ensure the protection of the vehicle while it is not running and the ability to disable the vehicle safely when it in service.

How to Choose the Best GPS Fleet Management Software for Your Company?

To have a valuable working system, you need to consider many factors before you start to choose the perfect fleet management software for your company.

You may want to choose based on real-time statistics, enhance driver behaviour, monitor the vehicle, and reduce the cost of the vehicle.

Not only that, but it must also be easy to use, easy to integrate with other software and systems, and provide updates and features for a better system on a regularly. 

Ease of use – easy to install, intuitive, and you have fast access to the information you need.

Integrations – Integrate various systems or third-party routing software to ensure that you receive unified views of all data relevant to fleet operations and minimal interference. 

Data Insights – With the number of telematics, it helps capture information including vehicle condition, location and maintenance needs. 

Overall, the fleet management system will make it easier for you as a fleet manager as well as drive the company’s overall cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Using proper GPS tracker – fleet management will thrive the business in unlimited ways and these are the most prominent reasons why you should certainly have it. 

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