Looking for GPS tracker supplier Malaysia for your vehicles?

Having one install in your vehicle can be somewhat helpful in the future, especially for emergency cases.

This GPS trackers supplier comes out with various types and sizes, and may even be unique. These devices are attached to a few particular functions to be used. 

To make it easier for you, check out the Malaysian best GPS tracking device product. Read this article to know more. 

What is GPS Tracking Device?

gps tracker supplier malaysia

The GPS tracking device is a navigation device that is typically carried by a moving vehicle or person or animal using the Global Positioning System (GPS).

The device also tracks the movement of the device and identifies its location. This recorded location data can be stored in the tracking unit or transmitted to an Internet-connected device.

Meanwhile, Get Prepared had the data stored in their server for a period of up to 6 months. Therefore, you can see where your car or truck was at a given point in time.

What is Get Prepared?

Get Prepared is the locally based company that provides a reliable GPS tracking device that gives a solution for your needs. It is either for your personal needs or company vehicles.

The GPS tracking device will send you the location and status that you wanted directly to your mobile, tablet and PC.  

Uses of GPS Tracking Devices

With the creation of the best innovation of the GPS tracking system, you no longer have to worry about losing your valuable items. 

gps tracker supplier malaysia

You can easily trace them and will gain countless benefits from using GPS.

  • Locating Locations

The main purpose of GPS is to track locations. Thus, this brings benefits for you in many chances to keep track of any vehicles or while you are on the road.

Most of the time, you can use GPS to help you get to an unfamiliar destination. 

It helps to provide you with the best available route that has less traffic and gives you estimated the time of arrival to the places.

It also applies for logistic trackings such as tracking resources for the whole of their movement and storage. Read more on this article to know more.

  • Fleet Tracking

Now you may use GPS to track fleets that bring benefits on tracking your fuel every time you need it. 

It helps to lower fuel consumption, monitor vehicle status and the operating costs, as well as to enhance the rate in efficiency of the company. 

Learn more about fleet management in this article blog.

  • Prevent Car Theft

Nowadays, the car alarm is not reliable to ensure your car safety. Let alone, you cannot rely only on the car alarm to do that, as it has become less helpful. 

Therefore, GPS tracker is a perfect anti-theft tool for you to start with. It easily can track your current vehicle and track it back if it is in the case of car theft.

Read more on this article on how anti-theft features from GPS tracker supplier Malaysia helps you as a user.

7 Days Free Trial Program

GPS tracking device from Get Prepared allowing you to be under their free trial program for 7 days.

This trial program authorises you to experience the system by yourself. From the test, you can make a better decision whether it suits your needs or not.

If you are not willing to continue with the tracker device, you may return it after a week, for Free!

Follow these 3 steps to start the free trial program:

1) Choose GPS Tracker model – which suits your needs and business nature here

2) Fill and submit Request Free Trial Form – wait for the phone call for further appointment.

3) Installation of GPS Tracker and Training Session – try first for 7 days!

Services Offered by Get Prepared

Surely, you will not only get the free trial program. 

You will also be provided with other several interesting services that make GPS Tracking System from Get Prepared more appealing in the niche market. 

1) On-Site Installation

This GPS Tracker Supplier Malaysia, Get Prepared offers onsite installation services of its GPS Tracker.

Their technicians will install the devices to the vehicle in such a way that is unnoticeable to anyone. They will even ensure the tracker device is secured and hidden from any sight.

Normally, the installation takes around 30 to 45 minutes but it varies depending on the complexity and model level of the car. 

2) Product Warranty

Get Prepared only comes up with a warranty of up to 2 years for their GPS Tracker devices. 

However, if there’s anything happen on your tracker device, you may get one to one replacement from Get Prepared.

3) 24/7 Hotline Support

Grab instant assistance through this hotline free call centre, that is available for 24 hours a day. If you require for help, feel free to contact the customer service at 1700-81-6656

GPS Tracker Devices

Get Prepared as GPS Tracker Supplier Malaysia has provided 3 GPS trackers, which comes with a different set of tracker devices.

Every device varies according to its package services, pricing, and following to its terms of functionality and features devices too. 

  • Basic Package
  • Enterprise Package
  • Corporate Package

Anyhow, they are still included with free trial programs and other services that are mentioned above.

You may figure out more about the packages before you start to choose the one that best suits your needs and company.

GPS Tracking Support System

GPS Tracker from GPS Tracker Supplier Malaysia, Get Prepared has come with helpful tracking systems and great features. Check out below.

1) Cloud tracking systems

gps tracker supplier malaysia

It has a sleek and modern user interface, which consists of helpful and informative data.

It can record real-time tracking or any movements in the device via website, app and phone call. You may see the trip history playback from 6 months tracking. 

2) Tracking device features

gps tracker supplier malaysia

This device has real-time fuel monitoring that may check fuel sensors for Malaysian market truck on certain sizes only.

It also has a built-in camera for live surveillance, which uses the latest Google maps version. But when it comes to safety, it has anti-theft features to secure your vehicles. 

Customers’ Responses

Almost all companies and organizations experienced in using GPS Tracker Device from Get Prepared to secure their vehicles. 

The feedbacks received by Get Prepared are validation to see the customers’ satisfaction towards the tracking systems.

gps tracker supplier malaysia

Let’s read several of them.

  • Hicom Teck See

“We were shocked by the amount of savings we achieved by installing GPS Tracker Fuel Sensor, our company diesel consumption reduced drastically around 10%-25%, which is a total saving around RM20,000 per month. This is brilliant and helps us to forecast and reward our staff at end of year as company margins grow


“With this tracker, I am now able to show to the public about our organization activities to deliver assistance (Zakat) to needy (Asnaf). Our daily logistical activities also improved!”

  • UiTM Shah Alam

“All of our busses are now equipped with this tracker to ensure utmost safety to all students who ride our busses. And, this also helps us to monitor our drivers and proof to the public that none of the busses are being driven recklessly.”

  • UniKL

“We really enjoyed Free Trial Program offered! We were allowed to test all system features until we are satisfied to continue subscribing it. Good job Get Prepared Sdn Bhd.”

In short, GPS tracker devices from Get Prepared are useful device tool that provide many benefits for personal use, company and the organization especially in maintaining and securing vehicles.

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