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Walaupon lokasi pemasangan kami berada di Johor dan kami berurusan di Kuala Lumpur, tetapi team Get Prepared telah memudahkan segala urusan. Segalanya berjalan lancar tanpa apa-apa masalah

My Toyota Hilux is now brought safe to home to Malaysia after reported missing and attempted to be sold in Thailand black market. I have never regretted subscribing to GPS Tracker Premium Package. Thanks to the policemen (PDRM) and Thailand authority. Fully recommended Get Prepared Sdn Bhd.

GPS Tracker Fuel Sensor has assisted us in catching two of our irresponsible drivers who stole diesel and made false claim. We now terminated their service with sufficient evidence to bring them to court. Good Job Get Prepared

We really enjoyed Free Trial Program offered! We were allowed to test all system features until we are satisfied to continue subscribing it. Good job Get Prepared Sdn Bhd

With this tracker, I am now able to show to the public about our organization activities to deliver assistance (Zakat) to needy (Asnaf). Our daily logistical activities also improved!

All of our busses are now equipped with this tracker to ensure utmost safety to all students who ride our busses. And this also helps us to monitor our drivers and proof to the public that none of the busses are being driven recklessly.

We were shocked by the amount of saving we achieved by installing GPS Tracker Fuel Sensor, our company diesel consumption reduced dramatically around 10%-25% which is a total saving around RM 20,000 per month! This is brilliant and helps us to forecast and reward our staff at end of year as company margins grow.

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