renew driving license malaysia

Did you know renewing our driver’s license is much easier and faster these days?

It is such a great pleasure for Malaysian drivers who have to juggle many things and tight schedules at work. Renewing driving license is one of our duties as a responsible citizen.

We’ll discuss the importance of renewal, the guideline to renew driving license Malaysia and more.

Read this guide thoroughly and refer it back to make your driving license renewal an absolute breeze.

Let’s get started.

Driving License Expiration Date

Once you have obtained your driving license, you must renew it before it expires.

The date of expiry of your driving license will be the same with your date of birth.

Moreover, you can choose the duration of validity for your driving license. The minimum renewal duration is 1 year and maximum duration is 5 years.

It costs RM30 for one year of renewal. For example, renew driving license Malaysia for 3 years will be RM30 x 3 = RM90.

Hence, it is easier for you to remember when the license expire. As long as you notice which birthday, you are good to go.

What if you forget to renew driving license Malaysia after it expires? Unfortunately, fine will be imposed.

There is a fine rate for expired licenses, based on how long it has been expired:

-1 – 15 days: RM150 fine

-16 – 30 days: RM200 fine

-31 – 60 days: RM300 fine

If you somehow forget to renew your expired driving license for 3 years and more, your license will be completely invalid.

It means that it is no longer renewable.

You will be issued an eRayuan letter to obtain the “L” driving license from any JPJ office.

Technically, you have to go through the processes of getting a driving license, including re-sitting for the driving test.

Driving License Renewal Guideline

If you are worried about missing the expiry date, you can hop on to

renew driving license malaysia

Firstly, you need to select the ID category. For Malaysians, select on MyKad.

renew driving license malaysia

Then, insert your ID number and the security code given. Make sure you follow the format and key in the correct information.

renew driving license malaysia

Tada! Now you have all the information related to your driving license. You can also check on the expiry date as well as the last time you renewed your license.

Ways to Renew Driving License Malaysia

Now, how to renew driving license?

There are several options for you to renew driving license, such as:

1.Post office

You can renew driving license at all POS Malaysia branches. Bring along your identity card and existing driving license.

2. Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ)

You can go to any JPJ branches to renew driving license. Present your IC, existing driving license and photo.

This is optional as most JPJ branches have camera booth to take your photo.

However, the process would be faster if you bring along a copy of your photo.

3. Urban Transformation Centre (UTC)

Most UTC has JPJ branches. You can head to JPJ office located in UTC and proceed with renewing driving license.

If you prefer to renew driving license Malaysia, there are several platforms you can choose from.

One of it is

You only need to login and provide the information required.

Then, make payment and wait for your license to arrive on your doorstep. Easy peasy!

Update: How To Renew Driving License During MCO

Transport Minister has allowed Malaysian who has an expired driving licence to drive, provided their vehicle posses’ a valid insurance coverage.

They, however, have to renew their licences within 30 days after the MCO is declared over.

Update June 2020: How To Renew Driving License During RMCO

YBhg. Dato’ Sri Shaharuddin Khalid, Director General of Road Transport Department Of Malaysia (JPJ) has announced that Malaysians are advised to renew their license before RMCO ends.

They can renew their license physically at POS Malaysia branches and any JPJ counters.

For more info, click here.

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