Land Public Transport Agency or APAD will take over most of the functions of the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) which was recently decommissioned.

It is good to know that APAD will continue SPAD’s legacy in developing the land public transport system.

We’ll discuss the guideline for license renewal for public transport, especially the bus.

Read this guide thoroughly and refer it back to make your permit renewal an absolute breeze.

Let’s get started.

What is APAD?


Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat or APAD is an agency under the Ministry of Transport Malaysia.

It is responsible for planning and defining land-based public transport policies, programs and strategies to enhance the country’s public transportation system.

This includes rail, bus and taxi services, as well as transporting goods through rails and roads.

It aims to strengthen the transformation system driven by technology for national development.

The roles and responsibilities of this agency fall under all matters related to land public transportation all over Peninsular Malaysia.

It includes:

1. Planning power

Establish a master plan to ensure a comprehensive, integrated and sustainable infrastructure development.

2. Regulatory power

Monitor and regulate the standard of performance of the industry’s operators through licensing.

Guidelines to Bus Operators

To ensure that your permit renewal is done hassle-free, APAD has provided several guidelines that you can refer to.

These guidelines are prepared for bus operators as well as taxi drivers.

Don’t worry, we will break it down for you and discuss it thoroughly.



There are four guidelines on bus-related matters.

For bus operators, it is very advisable to read this manual thoroughly.

Regardless, it is worth it to take a look at it.

Safety Manual for Bus Operators

This manual specifically focuses on safety measures that should be taken by bus operators.

Its main aim is to ensure the safety of the bus as well as the passengers.

It explains in detail the responsibilities of bus operators, driver management, bus management and record management.

Guidelines for Putting Advertisements on Body of Vehicles (Bus and Taxi)

This guideline explains the regulations of an advertisement on the bus body.

For bus, types of advertisement that are allowed only for educational purposes, healthy food, tourism and community only.

Guidelines for Licensing

This guideline explains on types of licenses for public transports. It includes public buses and taxis.

It also defines each and every type of vehicle that can be applied for licenses.

Introduction and Procedure on Insurance Claim Scheme for School Bus

This scheme is proposed to protect the safety of school children for any misfortunate events.

The protection insurance is given according to categories of injuries.

It also includes procedure on an insurance claim for next to kin.

2. Lists of Forms


There are a number of forms provided by APAD Malaysia for bus operators.

You can browse and click on the form that is necessary and fill it beforehand.

Contact Regional APAD Offices

Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat has regional offices all over Malaysia.

So it is easy for bus operators like you to renew bus permit with ease.

You can refer to APAD website to get the details of regional offices nearby you.

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