lorry gps tracking

Did you know that by installing the lorry GPS tracking system in your company, it can improve your fleet management? If your company uses lorry as the main vehicle, maybe it is time for you to consider this tracking system.

Fleet management is important to monitor all types of vehicles that are being used by the company.

It includes trucks, lorries, cars, buses and taxis. By installing lorry GPS tracking system, you can monitor and keep track of lorry in your company.

lorry gps tracking

There are incidents whereby a company’s vehicles are being used without record. Drivers may also fail to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the company as well as the authority.

There are also other problems commonly encountered by companies with vehicles like lorry or fleet, including:

  • Safety of the vehicle
  • Mishandling of the vehicle
  • High fuel consumption
  • Vehicle misuse
  • Lack of maintenance

These issues can be overcome with lorry GPS tracking.

A GPS tracking system for lorry enables you to gather essential data about your fleet.

With these data, you can make informed, well-calculated decisions regarding the company’s vehicles.

7 Benefits of Installing Lorry GPS Tracking System

1.Employee Monitoring

lorry gps tracking

Using a lorry GPS tracking device, you are able to monitor drivers’ whereabouts easily. It also helps to determine the location of the driver at any time during the trip.

The driver’s behaviours are also recorded. So, you can know when the driver is driving too fast, not taking scheduled rest stops or taking a break too long.

Lorry GPS tracking also can indicate if the vehicle has been involved in an accident or stolen.

2. Locate Anytime, Anywhere

lorry gps tracking

With this tracking system, you can track and locate lorry and truck at any time.

There is no limit or allocation of time to track because lorry GPS tracking is always available, 24/7.

The system is available via mobile app or web platforms. It can be customized according to your needs.

3. Efficient Route Planning

Time is gold. GPS trackers can provide more route options, which can help to increase efficient route planning.

Drivers can reach the destination faster and spend less time on the road.

It also means less fuel consumption. The driver dispatching process will also improve.

4. Live Traffic Patterns

GPS trackers for lorry provide real-time traffic information.

Drivers receive alerts if they are approaching a congested area or construction zone. The alternate route will be suggested to avoid the area and keep the delivery on schedule.

5. Tracking and Diagnostic

With live data on vehicle location and status, fleet managers always have information on the whereabouts of the company vehicles, including lorry and truck.

By having a lorry GPS tracking system, there will be no more misuse or mishap of the vehicles under the management.

6. Reduce Costs

With this system, the company acquires more control over drivers and vehicles.

With data collected, you can save on fuel consumption and prevent unauthorized use of lorry and truck.

7. Lorry Maintenance

Customizable maintenance alerts can be set so lorry maintenance can be done according to the schedule.

This can prevent unwanted incidents like vehicle breakdown during delivery or road accident caused by faulty vehicles.

GPS Trackers by Get Prepared

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