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The logistic industry has embraced technology to make work easier. This enables logistics tracking to keep tabs of how logistics teams are doing.

This article will help you understand what is logistics tracking and how it will help you get more by planning better.

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What is Logistics Tracking?

Logistics tracking implies the methods and systems that are used in tracking resources for the whole of their movement and storage. 

This logistics tracking helps you to track your products, materials or other resources whereabouts at any time, including on what is scheduled.

Somehow, logistic tracking is applied in production logistic by ensuring each of the machines and workstations has sufficient needed resources when those resources are needed. 

Due to constant changes in manufacturing’s environment, it is compulsory to adjust to the flow of materials to avoid both shortages and oversupply. 

With the help of logistics tracking, you can simply track a real-time status of supply chains that allows adjustments to be made, which align with customer demand and production requirements. 

This tracking is also significant to support outages and repair work. 

It is used to monitor the status and shipments’ whereabouts, allowing the workforce to be scheduled and the possibilities of delivery time.

Throughout the challenges of managing a fleet of vehicles, GPS vehicle tracking is chosen to be among the best alternatives to develop fleet management. It enables fleet operators to track vehicles from GPS data.

Although GPS primarily deployed and created for military use, it has been opened to civilian use and it has been co-opted for application such as:

  • Navigation aids
  • Tracking systems
  • Precise positioning
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems
  • Pedestrian Navigation Systems (PNS)
  • Location-based Services (LBS)
  • Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

The GPS positioning and data transmission through cellular networks help GPS vehicle tracker to locate a vehicle in a real time status or at any point in time. 

But nowadays, GPS vehicles’ trackers are variants in terms of their features and reliability, which are formed into two classes; hardwired or embedded tracker and OBD II port-based tracker.

Hardwired or Embedded GPS Vehicle Tracker

These trackers are commonly used in fleet management. They are wired to the engine block (embedded) or cabin of the truck (hardwired), which they draw power from the vehicle’s battery.

Hardwired tracker is constructed to resist sabotage and alliances to the vehicle’s security system.

If your vehicle got stolen, this tracker allows you to locate and remotely disable your stolen vehicle and the tracker only stays active if the vehicle’s battery is functional and wires are intact. 

However, it isn’t a reliable device as logging and buffering tools as it has a problem with data logging. 

This causes a difficulty for you to know the stolen vehicle’s whereabouts especially when the engine is off or when someone is not tracking the feeds.  

GPS Tracker From Get Prepared

The Get Prepared’s GPS tracking device provides you with onsite installation service of the device and a free trial 7 days program, that certainly going to save you from going through such hassle in the future. 

The real time GPS system allows you to monitor the acceleration and braking; cornering and route control of the driver. 

Moreover, you may start disciplining or coaching your driver to follow the rules and control the behaviour for the sake of enhancing his driving and work performance.

Active Fleet Managers

The reliable and active fleet managers will give real time logistic tracking systems, which involves:

  • Tracking the location of the vehicle in real time – using GPS, cellular data, or a combination of method tracking.
  • Communicating the location information to a control station – to be stored and analysed by specialized software.
  • Producing reports based on tracking information – to troubleshoot routes in real-time or optimize logistics operations over time.

The features of tracking devices normally are a hardwired and embedded system which comprises a microcontroller, GPS receiver and communication module.

The devices can be connected to different systems in the vehicle in order to track vehicle whereabouts, the direction of movement, fuel level, engine temperature, ignition status and tire pressure. 

Fleet management can come to handy when you need to track your rent vehicles usage including ensuring your driver is not using a vehicle as personal gain or being fuel theft too.

Hardwire tracking systems are meant to operate for a long period of time with minimal maintenance. The installing steps only involving:

  • Selection of Location Tracker – the best-hidden place. Do not install the tracker close to other electronic components.
  • Connect the Tracker to Vehicle’s Battery – draw power directly from the vehicle’s power grid. Thus, a tracker will be on whenever the engine is on. 

No matter how plenty options out there, your vehicle tracking solution mostly influence by:


  • Active GPS tracking devices which are hardwired to the vehicles mostly cost more than passive GPS.
  • Additional components such as antenna, signal receptors or signal booster. 


  • Hiring professional to come to your place for the installation process.
  • However, it is always a good idea to hire professionals who are already familiar with the complex of GPS tracker to install a hardwire tracking system instead of doing it on your own. 

Fleet Tracking Software 

  • Software solutions always come bundled with a host of other features. But the software called SaaS models are one of the options out of other systems that require an initial investment to set up.

From this, you can understand how the vehicle GPS tracker functions help make your day better than previously and it is preferable to choose active real-time vehicle tracking systems. 

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Get Prepared

It is a local-based company that offers you various features of GPS tracker devices.

Get Prepared provides you with onsite installation service of the device and a free trial 7 days program, that certainly going to save you from going through such hassle in the future. 

The Get Prepared GPS tracking devices offered:

  • Voice monitoring
  • Anti-theft system
  • Battery backup built-in
  • Real-time tracking via web and mobile apps
  • Real-time fuel monitoring
  • The High sensitive GPS chipset
  • Support two-way communication
  • Built-in dual camera for live surveillance – front and inward. 

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