gps tracking device

There are a number of reasons why you might need to install a GPS tracking device on your vehicles. The question is how to install the device?

It this not common for everyone to have a GPS tracking device on their car, but it is certainly handy to have one during emergency.

GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite navigation system that provides geo-location and time information to the receiver.

Usually, GPS device is used to track vehicles. Other than usual tracking purposes, you also can use it as anti-theft device.

In fleet management business and car rental services, employers use GPS tracking to monitor drivers and their driving habits.

With numerous benefits of GPS, do you know how to install the device in your car?

This is a guideline for you to install a GPS device with ease. Let’s get started.

Where to Install a GPS Tracking Device

Before you start to install the device, you need to decide where to install it. Its location will determine the process of installation.

There are two options that you can consider, such as:

1. Under the car

gps tracking device

The easiest way to place the GPS device is on the bottom of the vehicle you wish to track.

Most of the devices are designed with strong magnet that makes it easy to attach them to a car.

It also usually weather resistant so getting wet is not an issue.

However, make sure the area you attach it is not too low that it might get hit by a speed bump.

2. Inside the car

gps tracking device

A good place to put the device is underneath the seats or in the inner panel of the trunk.

This way, you do not have to worry that it might get knocked off or lose it somewhere along the way.

Installation Process of a GPS Tracking System

The process requires three steps, which are:

Step 1

When it comes to install a GPS tracking device, you need to find a power source for it.

You either can use its dedicated batteries, or use the battery of your vehicle to make it functional.

gps tracking device

If you prefer to use vehicle’s battery to power the device, you might need to hire a professional for the installation.

However, dedicated batteries make it much easier to install but will not last for long period of time.

Step 2

For GPS device with dedicated batteries, you can use the battery cell to power it. Then, place the active device into its case.

Now, choose the area where you want to attach it; under or inside the car. Make sure it is hidden from sight and safe from falling off.

Step 3

The final step is to test the installed device. After you have placed it in the vehicle, take a short drive.

Jolt down the speed, the location and the timings yourself. Now, check if the device is still safely attached to its place.

After the test drive, compare the data collected by the GPS tracking device with the information you collected manually.

If both of the data matched, you have successfully installed a GPS device by yourself.

Still Unsure How to Install Car Tracker Equipment?

If you are still not sure on the technical part of GPS, or you prefer to install a GPS device wired to the vehicle’s battery, worry not.

You can always consult your car manufacturer’s instructions for installation device specific to your model.

The best solution is to contact a profession GPS tracker provider, like Get Prepared, to install it for you.

GPS Trackers by Get Prepared

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We provide onsite installation service of the device, so you do not have to go through the hassle.

The trackers are installed in such a way that is not visible to anyone.

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