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Looking for a GPS tracker device?

Keep track of your vehicles, kids or even pets with a GPS tracker. These are 15 best GPS tracking devices that you should consider getting one.

As we know, to own a GPS tracking device is not very common. However, it comes in handy to have one during an emergency or unexpected events. As the saying goes, it is better to be ready than to be sorry.

There are plenty of choices for a GPS tracking device available in the market. It varies according to size and weightand can be used for a specific certain role.

As mentioned before, a GPS tracker can be used to keep track of your children, elderly, and pets, and of course, vehicles.

As a guideline, this list consists of 15 best GPS tracking devices that might suit your needs.

gps tracking device

1.Spy Tech STI GL300 Mini Portable Vehicle GPS Tracker

One of the most popular GPS trackers on the market, this device offers near 100% exact vehicle location using real-time GPS tracking.

You can also set a geographic fencing or boundaries to receive notifications when the car leaves a specific zone.

2. TKSTAR GPS Tracker

gps tracking device

If you are looking for a GPS tracker to track cars, this device is definitely worth you consideration. It offers real-time tracking and comes with a magnetic cover to be attached to cars easily.

As long as the surface is not metal, you simply can stick it to anywhere in your car. However, it is recommended to place it under the dashboard.


This device looks like it is right out of a spy movie. The size is pretty small, definitely easy to install in your vehicle. The build quality looks sleek and modern.

The tracking capability is extremely detailed, so you can choose when to get updates on the location of your vehicle.

4. Smart Bluetooth Anti-Lost Alarm Tracker

gps tracking device

This device works via Bluetooth, hence it does not require a sim card. It is perfect to keep track on your pets using its specific app, iTracing app.

This GPS tracking device is very small and light, you can easily hang it on the collars or leash of your pets. Worry not, it would not cause any discomfort to your pets.

5. MOTOsafety GPS Vehicle Tracker

If you are looking for a GPS tracker to monitor your adolescent children, this is the one.

It can be plugged in directly into a car’s outlet without any wiring. Via the apps, it allows users i.e. parents to track a device location, set specific geofences around a school or home for teens.

You can also receive daily driver’s report card to review your teen’s driving.

6. ORI GPS Tracker

gps tracking device

This device comes with a remote controller, but it is totally up to you either to have with or without the remote.

It is equipped with a microphone to detect sounds and voices. Definitely a plus point to be able to listen to the surrounding sounds.

The locations listed are highly accurate, as this tracker uses Google Earth.

7. ABLEGRID GPS Vehicle Tracker

With a powerful battery inside, this tracker offer 180 days of standby time. It also can operate continuously for two weeks before requiring a recharge.

It is slightly larger than its competition, but it can be tucked away easily inside the glove compartment, trunk or other vehicle storage area.

8. OEM 3G Network GPS Tracker

For elderly folks or children, tracker with a camera can be a better option. This device can monitor by taking pictures and carry out two-way audio communication.

Other than that, it also offers real-time tracking and historical route playback.

9. BrickHouse Security Spark Nano

gps tracking device

This micro-sized tracker is known for its durability. It comes with a rugged, magnetic, water-resistant case. It is designed to endure harsh environment.

Other than that, it even has a panic button right on the device. If you are using it for safety purposes, you have an option in case of emergency.

10. Concox 3G GPS Tracker

This device is suitable to track lorries. If there is an attempt to remove the device, it will release an alert. As it is water resistant, it is certainly rugged for harsh environment.

Other than that, it comes with tracking modes that can be configured easily.

11. Mileage Ace Car GPS Tracker

Most GPS trackers are used for security purposes. Unlike this device, it is ideal for creating mileage logs. It is like the logistics department’s dream.

When installed, the tracker starts to record once the car engine is turned on.

Each trip includes important data, such as start/end date times, start/end addresses, exact miles driven and the GPS-tracked path.

12. Bluetooth GPS Tracking Finder Device

To have a long-lasting battery on a GPS tracking device is really an advantage. This device has a standby time up to 6 months.

It can be attached to anywhere; wallets, cars and even humans. Use Bluetooth to connect it with any smartphone device.

13. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

With its small size, this tracker is a truly portable option and extremely easy to hide. Its minute size allows it to be hidden underneath a seat, in a glove box or any other small storage area in the vehicle.

14. Mini GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

This device is small enough to attach to bikes and motorcycles. It can be easily installed and hide anywhere around your bike.

15. Kid GPS Watch Tracker Q50

This smart watch is a fun way to track your children. It includes GPS, SOS emergency alert and GPRS real-time location.

Equipped with remote monitor, parents are able to know the situation of their children. With these functions, it helps to protect kids from danger.

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