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Throughout the course of a single day, you are likely to experience multiple dilemmas when running your vehicle business and keeping track of company vehicles.

You may receive a call from one of your drivers saying that he is stuck in the traffic jam due to accidents on the road or they are the ones who lack over safety and get into road accidents.

Those actions taken by drivers behind the wheel can have a huge effect on your vehicle business. 

Therefore, it is necessary to monitor drivers using a GPS tracker from any GPS tracking company.

Bus Vehicle Road Safety Problem

According to the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), a bus is one of vehicles that the drivers are refusing to put their safety first when they are on the road.

SPAD statistic portray that there are 4.534 express busses, 5,158 tour busses and 736 charter busses operating in our country. 

Imagine if most of them are refusing to put road safety and they bring harms to other road users out there.

The busses might crash and kill innocent people in a blink of an eye.

SPAD stated that most bus drivers were found to have violated safety regulations and have speed limit issues.

This happens especially when they know nobody is monitoring over them all the time.

SPAD forced operators to employ controllers to keep track of the speed limits of vehicles using GPS tracking devices while the drivers are on the road. 

However, it is a challenge to keep drivers from breaking their speed limit after normal work hours. 

When drivers start speeding on the road, SPAD needs to ensure every vehicle driver explains the speeding reasons and update drivers’ speed profiles regularly.

With GPS tracker devices from GPS tracking company, it helps to notify and send reports to SPAD when the vehicle’s speed limits are broken. 

How GPS Tracker Solve Vehicle Issues

1. Vehicle Fuel Consumption on Roads

Driving with unnecessary speeding may cause a big fuel waster as it is greater than the vehicle’s optimal fuel.

GPS vehicle tracker device helps to monitor vehicle speed. This is a chance for you to evaluate your drivers’ behaviour and take appropriate actions to reduce the vehicle’s fuel consumption. 

2. Determine Location based on Vehicle Speed

GPS vehicle tracker enables your driver monitoring the vehicle speed to make accurate estimation to arrive at the destination.

Thus it helps to enhance your company’s customer services as your company is now able to estimate the arrival times and notify the customers when needed.

3. Reduce Vehicle’s Insurance Cost

You may minimize road risk by monitoring excessive speeding of your driver especially when they know you are monitoring them and their poor driving behaviour.

With GPS fleet tracker devices, it helps to lower your cost of insurance as the drivers will tend to be more careful about the driving speed limit on the road. 

Hence, speeding can cause road accidents, which will give bad impact to your company as it will increase your company vehicle’s insurance costs. 

The insurance companies firmly agree that driving safely eliminates unwanted risks.

This is also why insurance rates for healthy and safe drivers are lower compared to other drivers.


In a nutshell, in order to stay free on your business vehicles issues, you need to take a risk-free lane with the aid of GPS tracker and GPS speed monitoring software.

Through retaining control of driver performance and tracking of vehicle operation, you will ensure that you are able to function more safely and efficiently.

With GPS vehicle tracking solutions, you can monitor your company’s drivers and they will control themselves from excessive road speeding or violate the road rules.

If you are looking for the best feature to fit those monitoring speed requirements, GPS tracker device from Get Prepared may help you with that. 

Get Prepared GPS tracker has vehicle monitoring that is extremely precise, offers real-time tracking and allows you to receive alerts when a driver of your fleet drives over a certain speed.

GPS Tracker from Get Prepared 

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