gps tracker malaysia

What is GPS tracking device?

A GPS tracking device is a navigation gadget generally carried by a moving vehicle or person to track its movements and location. This device uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine it location.

Having a GPS tracker Malaysia may not be common to many people.

However, to have one during emergency can be helpful. Such device can help you to track your vehicles, pets, or even for elderly and kids.

Get Prepared is a local-based company that provides an array of GPS tracker Malaysia. It offers you a trusted and reliable solution when it comes to owning a GPS tracker.

With three different set of devices, you may choose the one that suits your needs the most.

7 days free trial program

All GPS tracker Malaysia by Get Prepared comes with free trial program for 7 days. It certainly can help you to make a better decision after testing the tracking system by yourself. All in all, you may return it back after a week, for free!

Easy steps to start the free trial program:

  1. Choose GPS tracker model
  2. Request free trial
  3. Install and try for 7 days

Services provided

Other than 7-days free trial, Get Prepared also offers other attractive services as well.

1.Onsite installation

Get Prepared provides onsite installation service of the device, just for you.

Worry not, the GPS trackers are installed in such a way that is not visible to anyone. Technicians from Get Prepared will ensure that the device is secured and hidden from sight.

2. Product warranty

GPS trackers Malaysia from Get Prepared come with a warranty, up to 2 years. Hence, you can get one to one replacement if anything happens.

3. 24/7 support

There is a hotline where you can get instant assistance anytime, 24 hours a day. Should you required help, you can contact the customer service at 1700-81-6656.

GPS tracker devices

There are 3 GPS trackers offered by Get Prepared. Each device comes with package service that may differ in terms of its features.

Regardless, all services mentioned above are included in all three packages.

You may check it out here, and figure out which package suits you needs and business nature best.

Support system

The GPS devices come with a tracking system with features that is user-friendly.

1.Cloud tracking system

The cloud tracking system has a beautiful interface and filled with informative and useful data.

With sleek and modern user interface, it keeps track and record the movements as well as past locations of the device.

2. Tracking device features

gps tracker malaysia

The tracking devices come with voice monitoring as well as anti-theft system to secure your vehicles. It also has built-in camera for live surveillance.

You can track the device in real-time via web and mobile apps.

Customer feedback

Many companies and organizations utilize GPS trackers Malaysia by Get Prepared to secure and monitor their vehicles. These are among the feedback of the customers:

  • UiTM Shah Alam

“All of our busses are now equipped with this tracker to ensure utmost safety to all students who ride our busses. It helps us to monitor our drivers.”

  • UniKL

“We really enjoyed Free Trial Program offered! We were allowed to test all system features until we are satisfied to continue subscribing it. Good job Get Prepared!”

  • Mr Azree

“My Toyota Hilux was almost getting sold in Thailand black market. Luckily, I have subscribed to GPS Tracker by Get Prepared and managed to bring home my vehicle. I fully recommend Get Prepared.”

In a nutshell, GPS trackers provided by Get Prepared are simply the best to fulfil your needs of security. Click here for more information.

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