gps tracker for car

Use a GPS tracker for car to keep tracking your vehicles.

A GPS tracker for car is a navigation gadget carried by a moving vehicle or person to track its movements and location.

This device uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine its location.

It is common to have a GPS tracker. However, having one during emergency cases can be handy.

GPS tracker for car is useful to keep track your car. It can be used to track your car drove by your adolescent child that just received his/her driving license, or even to monitor your car rental business.

There are various types and features of car GPS tracker. To find a suitable one, you may opt for a device that fulfils certain features and specifications.

Features of GPS tracker for car

gps car tracker

In order to look for the best GPS tracker for car, there are several features that may be taken into consideration. Nevertheless, it totally depends on your preference as well as the nature of usage.

1.Easy to use

The utmost feature that people always look for is how to use the GPS tracker device. It might be too difficult to use with complicated method to install and confusing instructions.

A GPS tracker device that is connected to a simple mobile application is usually easy to use. For example, this GPS tracker device utilizes a simple way to use it.

2. Cloud tracking system

GPS tracker for a car that has a cloud tracking system is helpful. It records and keeps the tracking history on cloud, so you do not have to worry if the driving log goes missing.

3. Geo-fencing system

Geo-fencing is a system that creates a virtual geographical boundary or fence. In other words, it means that the device is given a restricted location or radius of movement.

You will receive an alert by text or email if the car leaves the area that has been set.

4. Accurate location

A good GPS tracker device will provide real-time updates. It usually links with Google Maps or Google Earth for accurate location. However, it may be flawed by, at most within 2.5 metres radius, like this GPS device. 

5. Long battery life

You certainly do not want to opt for a car GPS tracker that requires constant, frequent charging time. Afraid not, you can choose a device that has long battery life. Like this GPS tracker device, it has a standby time of up to 6 months!

6. With voice/audio recorder

A GPS comes with a microphone to detect sounds and voices adds an extra advantage. It can be tracked easily based on its surrounding. This GPS tracker has a built-in microphone as an additional feature.

7. Waterproof

GPS tracker devices can be installed outside of the vehicle, hence it is important for it to be waterproof. You do not have to worry if it in contact with water and damage the device. This device is waterproof and suitable for rough use.

GPS tracker for car by Get Prepared

The must-have features for GPS tracker device are provided by Get Prepared. A local-based company offers you a variety of devices to opt for.

With a free trial and onsite installation, it suits your needs and business nature that require GPS tracker.

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