gps tracker for bus

There are many reasons to use GPS tracker for companies and organisations.

Public transportation, especially buses are now equipped with GPS tracker to ensure the safety of passengers. It also helps companies to monitor the bus drivers’ driving behaviour on a daily basis.

We’ll discuss the importance of installing a GPS tracker for the bus and its efficiency for fleet management.

What is Bus GPS Tracking System?

gps tracker for bus

Nowadays, everyone is in a hurry to reach their destinations. For those who rely on public transportation, especially bus, their main concern is punctuality.

GPS tracker for bus helps the passengers to know the real time location of the bus which they are waiting for.

It also provides estimation time of arrival of the bus at the bus stop they are waiting at. This information helps people to make better travelling decisions.

The Bus GPS tracking system is the perfect fit for fleet management of bus operations. It is used to monitor the safety of the buses and keep their fleet well-managed.

How Does Bus Tracking Work?

Basically, the GPS tracker for buses works similarly as any other GPS devices.

However, there are four easy steps on how does bus tracking app work.

1.Crowdsourcing systems

This system uses a geo-location feature on a mobile phone.

When one user is now riding a specific bus, his phone will send the location and the velocity of the bus to the app server.

Then, the server can calculate the location of the bus and estimate its time of arrival.

The data is crowd-sourced. So, the more people use the system, the predictions become more and more accurate.

2. GPS device based systems

gps tracker for bus

This is the most common system of GPS tracker for bus.

GPS devices are placed on the bus and stream their real-time location on the map. The estimation time of arrival is computed for every stop.

This system helps passengers to get a better understanding of how far the bus from the bus stop.

The passengers also can plan their time to reach the bus stop before the bus arrives.

3. Plug and play systems

The uniqueness of this system is not like any other.

Instead of investing in expensive hardware of GPS devices, the bus drivers are given tablets with a pre-installed application.

They simply have to remain logged in during the whole course of the journey. Thus, the vehicle location gets transmitted constantly to the servers.

4. Machine learning based systems

Machine learning based systems are powerful computer processors that rely on historical data. The data are related to bus locations, travel times, delay etc.

This system aims to overcome unpredictable factors that affect traffic. It includes weather, accidents and construction works.

Installing Your GPS Tracker for Bus

gps tracker for bus

If you are planning to have GPS device based systems for buses, you can install it easily with 3 steps.

Step 1

Determine a power source for the GPS tracker. It can be its own dedicated batteries, of the battery of the bus.

Step 2

Place the device inside it case. Now, attach it to somewhere around the bus that is hidden from sight and safe from falling off.

Step 3

The final step is to test the installed device and make sure it works just fine.

Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to contact a professional GPS tracker provider, like Get Prepared, to install it for you.

GPS Trackers by Get Prepared

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