GPS Tracker for Bus

One main agenda to put a GPS tracker for buses is for safety reasons. 

This comes as several cases reported happen when the bus on the road: lost, being hijacked and accidents.

If you run a bus or travel company, you should consider installing a GPS tracking system on your vehicles. Read more on why having GPS tracking is important for your company.

What is GPS Tracker For Bus?

A specialized tracker is attached to the bus, so that you may know your friends and family are safe and secure, as these trackers are competent to provide real-time tracking of the bus.

Despite only providing information to your loved ones, the tracking app may help people and bus companies on using the trackers to enhance the safety for people too.

Now, bus companies give bus fleets to anyone who wants to install GPS trackers on their bus especially to know their bus location, the bus routes, usage of fuel and monitor drivers.

The bus that is equipped with GPS devices will provide the real time GPS tracking. This tracking bus tool shows the real time on map via computer and mobile apps.

You may receive the push notification email from the mobile app, to know the arrival of the bus including the people who enter in and out from the bus through RFID and barcode readers.

You simply may want to check the benefits of having GPS tracking system in the bus below:

  • Bus Route Deviation Alert
  • Travelling Details of Passengers
  • Transportation Safety
  • Speed Limit of Vehicle
  • Monitor Bus Using Real Time
  • Live Tracking of Bus
  • Monitor The Bus Driver Performance

The tracking service actually provides GPS fleet tracking and special software where one can share the bus locations. But, this software also serves other additional features too.

Remember, this device only works if the bus vendor equipped their bus with a GPS tracker that offers a real time monitoring, which you may find out people live location.

However, what kind of ways that GPS tracking system may actually help you?

1. Enhance Navigational Efficiency and Productivity 

When GPS fleet solutions provide digital platforms to the companies, they may use them by managing the dispatching and routing.

Thus, you can produce an efficient route plan between the locations for dispatches, which will save time and lower the consumption of fuel as drivers get to the destination faster.

Besides, GPS navigation aids the drivers from getting lost for direction especially when they need to dispatch to small roads in rural areas or somewhere they are not familiar with.

GPS also provides the current traffic conditions, to help drivers estimating their arrival time, managing the bus schedule and rerouting the journey. 

2. Better Liability

As a boss, you might want to monitor the behaviour of your drivers and score the performance of the fleet.

You can check the workers’ daily report before identifying the culprit drivers who need coaching and disciplining. 

From this, you may coach the drivers to drive carefully while instil a driving awareness to them. 

You might want to train the drivers by minimising the acceleration and braking to lessen fuel consumption.

With the addition of a tracking fleet in the real time, this ensures the driver sticks to the job at hand and prevents him from using the vehicle as their personal use instead.

It also intended to avoid any crisis from the operation and management, while allowing you as a manager and your driver to communicate and give live feedback to one another.

In addition, it helps to improve workers’ liability on work performance, including tracking their activities before you verify their work and give bonus incentives to them.

3. Minimize Maintenance Costs 

Fleet maintenance ensures a fleet operating in an excellent condition includes the life of vehicles, ROI and overall maintenance money.

For instance, monitor fuel level, carbon exhaustion, odometer and fault codes in engines. 

You also can track the history of bus maintenance while planning to schedule the next maintenance day for your bus, or you may schedule them when it is compulsory to do so. 

The GPS solution also helps to monitor the vehicle spare inventory so that you will not miss to restock and reorder items for your inventory stock. 

At the same time, GPS tracker for buses contributes to the bottom line of the company, avoid over budget and purchase unnecessary parts for the companies’ vehicles.

Some GPS solution aids to find and catch any vehicle’s potential breakdown and immediately drop notification for you in real time.

4. Minimize Administrative Costs with Increased Digitalization

GPS tracker for bus comes with their digital features that aid to generate better workflows, minimise administrative workload but still enhance employees’ work productivity.

With these digital features, the drivers can simply record their work time easily without need for any manual data entry. It is one of the alternative solutions to achieve perfect management for employees.

5. Prevention on Loss and Theft

GPS tracking can be a powerful tool for tracking valuable assets such as vehicles by avoiding the risk of theft. 

When you can track the database of vehicles whereabouts, include record information. For instance, year manufactured, model, serial number and many more. 

The collection of this useful information from GPS tracking helps you to acknowledge the information for future verification on your asset during the recovery of lost & found vehicles.

Thus, you should not worry much about locating your vehicle. All you need to do is to rely on a GPS tracker to recover the stolen vehicle.

Besides, the GPS tracking decoy would be installed in the vehicle in order to confuse the thieves.

This will make the thieves think they had successfully removed tracking devices; meanwhile the actual device is still intact somewhere on the vehicle. 


The GPS tracker for bus has become a significant device for bus companies nowadays.

It is a best innovation tech that turns out to be efficient as it enhances the services in numerous ways and gives a positive impact on the logistic bus business such as bus and in fleet management.

If you are looking for GPS tracking devices that offer several features from above, you may want to try GPS Tracker from Get Prepared.

Get Prepared

 Get Prepared Sdn Bhd is a local-based company that offers you various features of GPS tracker devices.

Get Prepared provides you with onsite installation service of the device and a free trial 7 days program, that certainly going to save you from going through such hassle in the future. 

What are the features that were offered by Get Prepared?

  • Voice monitoring
  • Anti-theft system
  • Battery backup built-in
  • Real-time tracking via web and mobile apps
  • Real-time fuel monitoring
  • High sensitive GPS chipset
  • Support two-way communication
  • Built-in-dual camera for live surveillance (front and inward)

Do not wait too long. Secure your vehicles by installing a GPS tracking system and obtain all of the benefits from it. 

If you have any further inquiries, contact us here.