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Keep track company vehicles with ease. Use this GPS Malaysia as a solution for your company’s fleet management.

GPS Malaysia is a tracking system that can be used for many purposes. One of it is to track company vehicles. Commonly, it is a problem that many companies experience; to keep track on company vehicles.

Vehicle tracking technology is used to keep track of location and report on vehicle’s movement. It helps to understand driver behaviour and to increase efficiency.

However, the main function of the system is to gather important data on your fleet management and assist to manage your company even better.

This is a complete solution by Get Prepared GPS Malaysia to solve company vehicle tracking issues.

What is vehicle tracking?

gps malaysia

Vehicle tracking uses Global Positioning System, or GPS. It is a satellite navigation system. It works by providing geo-location and time information to a GPS receiver.

The technology tracks the location of a vehicle and displays the data on a software interface. The data is very useful in making future decisions. The location data is obtained via GPS radio-navigation system.

Afterwards, the vehicle data is transferred to a software user interface. As for Get Prepared, it uses cloud tracking system. It contains up to 6 months tracking history as a reference.

What problems does this GPS Malaysia solve?

gps malaysia

By using Get Prepared as a solution for your fleet management, there are a number of problems that can be tackled successfully.

Among the problems are:

1.Cost reduction

The system certainly can save money by reducing fuel costs and optimizing its consumption. It also lessens the administrative time spent to check on drivers’ position.

With Get Prepared, you can keep track on company vehicles without hassle.

2. Excessive paperwork

With digitalized data collection, you no longer need for excessive administrative paperwork.

3. Getting genuine fleet information

You are able to know exactly what is happening to drivers and vehicles via real-time tracking.

4. Checking on vehicle use

The technology allows detecting improper use as well as detours by drivers. Hence, helps to prevent this kind of problem.

5. Work organization

With the trip history playback, it is possible to plan the most effective route and assist in job assignments.

How does a fleet vehicle tracking work?

Vehicle tracking systems usually rely on two parts; hardware and software.


The hardware part refers to the GPS tracking device installed in the vehicle.

Get Prepared provides an array of choices according to your business nature. With onsite installation, our technicians will ensure that the GPS tracker is hidden securely. The device is installed in a way that it is not visible to anyone.


The software part refers to the mobile app that is connected to the device. It displays data collected in different forms. It includes trip history playback, real time fuel monitoring and report on driver behaviour.

With Get Prepared, you also can set real time alert via website, apps and phone call.

GPS Malaysia by Get Prepared

gps malaysia

GPS tracking devices by Get Prepared is the perfect solution for your fleet management.

Now, you can keep track on company vehicles with ease. It is equipped with voice monitoring, anti-theft system, real-time tracking and real-time fuel monitoring.

Keep an eye on your company vehicles with Get Prepared.

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