fleet management

Did you know that having seamless fleet management can boost your company efficiency and performance?

Commercial fleets such as cars, trucks and vans are integrated with software to make fleet management better and help to reduce operating costs.

In this article, we delve deeper into the concept and the implementation for Malaysia companies.

What is Fleet Management?

fleet management

Fleet management is the management of commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, forklifts, trailers and specialist vehicles like mobile construction machinery. Other than that, it also refers to private vehicles used for work purposes and aviation machinery.

Any organization that needs commercial vehicles engages in some form of fleet operations and fleet management. This system helps to oversee all fleet performance and fleet maintenance to ensure everything runs smoothly.

This administrative approach allows companies to organize and coordinate work vehicles. Its goals are to increase efficiency, reduce costs and provide compliance with government regulations.

Other than vehicle tracking, it also includes following and recording mechanical diagnostics and driver behaviours.

Why Use Fleet Management?

The purpose of fleet management in a company is to ensure that company vehicles are operating smoothly.

It is also to seek ways to improve performance as well as to keep operating costs at a minimum range.

fleet management

This system is able to serve many purposes. One of it is to ensure that the operation of company vehicles is aligned with company goals.

Without it, there is no indicator to check whether the vehicles are rightfully used for company’s purpose.

The improper use of company vehicles can easily add significant losses to your business operation. That is not include the time wasted to look over the issues that can be avoided with assistance from fleet management.

The Benefits of Fleet Management

There are plenty of benefits of using a fleet management system. As mentioned before, its purpose is to increase efficiency and to reduce costs.

Other than that, there are also many other benefits that you can get from this system. It includes:

1.Reduce costs

With fleet management, company acquires more control over drivers and vehicles. With data collected, you can save on fuel consumption and prevent unauthorized use of vehicles.

Plus, you can reduce the cost of insurance by tracking and recover lost vehicles.

2. Track driver’s behaviour

The data will report on speeding and driver’s behaviour in general. It helps to improve driving habits and reduce road accidents.

In a way, it can lessen driver frustration while on the road. Hence, increase employee satisfaction.

3. Tracking and diagnostic

With live data on vehicle location and status, fleet managers always have information on the whereabouts of the company vehicles.

No more misuse or mishap under the management.

4. Vehicle maintenance

Customizable maintenance alerts can be set so vehicle maintenance can be done when it is due.

This step can prevent unwanted incidents like vehicle breakdown during delivery.

5. Management

Under fleet management, there are several other aspects that can oversee the whole operation:

  • Dispatch management – route planning and communication with drivers
  • Fuel management – data on how quickly fuel is used
  • Health management – data on the duration of drivers’ work hours and breaks
  • Safety management – data on vehicles’ driving and cornering speed can identify high-risk drivers

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