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gps fleet management

If you are confused with GPS Fleet Management, this article will untangle the knots in your mind.  In short, fleet management is an effective way for cost-efficient operation. A complexes system with electronic components installed in vehicles. This article will show you what a fleet management system is and how it processes your fleet operations. […]

logistics tracking

The logistic industry has embraced technology to make work easier. This enables logistics tracking to keep tabs of how logistics teams are doing. This article will help you understand what is logistics tracking and how it will help you get more by planning better. Let’s start here. What is Logistics Tracking? Logistics tracking implies the […]


Land Public Transport Agency or APAD will take over most of the functions of the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) which was recently decommissioned. It is good to know that APAD will continue SPAD’s legacy in developing the land public transport system. We’ll discuss the guideline for license renewal for public transport, especially the bus. […]

fleet management

Did you know that having seamless fleet management can boost your company efficiency and performance? Commercial fleets such as cars, trucks and vans are integrated with software to make fleet management better and help to reduce operating costs. In this article, we delve deeper into the concept and the implementation for Malaysia companies. What is […]

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