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Have you ever been driving and thinking, “My car is boring”? We believe that you need some car accessories for you.

So now you are thinking where you can get one? Let’s ride safer and more enjoyable with these car accessories.

Top Cars Accessories in Malaysia

1. GPS Tracker

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GPS tracker is a low-cost investment to protect your car from theft. It can be attached anywhere inside of the car or on the car’s body and connected to a mobile phone.

It is one of the car accessories that offers plenty of benefits.

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2. Phone Mount

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To hold your phone while driving is obviously dangerous and unethical. It is safer if it is attached to a phone mount in the car. 

Whether for talking, navigation or playing music, this car accessory can be handy.

In choosing a good phone mount for your car, there are several factors you should take into consideration:

  • The holder should be attached in a central place in the car
  • It should be placed within the driver’s reach
  • It should be easy to attach in many places in the car, but also match the model of your phone

3. Neck Pillows

A long drive can be uncomfortable and restless most of the time. 

Even if you are not driving that far, unpredictable traffic jams can keep you in your car for quite some time. 

This car accessory is a tremendous help to provide you comfort in your own car.

Neck pillows give you comfort and soothe your body from neck pain. It may radiate into your shoulders and can cause stiff neck. 

If you are travelling for a long road trip, neck pillows help you to have a good nap during stops.

4. Car Jack

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Unexpected things can happen anytime.

Most common situations are flat tire and car breakdown. With car jack, you are ready to face these challenging situations.

It is important to carry a car jack in your car because:

  • Easy to use – produce a great lifting force
  • Safe and stable – perform simple tasks safely
  • Enhances speed – change tire within a short time

5. Car Organizer

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Cars can be a mess sometimes, especially family cars.

With cables, kids’ shoes, coins here and there, and whatnot – can be a headache. 

Car organizer is a genius car accessory to keep your car organized.

6. Car Shade

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Your car is a pretty big investment; you might want to keep it for a very long time. Car shade functions as an umbrella for your car.

Other than providing shade, this car accessory also protects the equipment and systems of the car.

High temperature and UV rays can fade the seat covers and dashboard. With car shade, your car will remain as good as new.

7. USB Car Charger

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Whether going to work or a long road trip, you need a reliable USB car charger for your devices.

Here are few things to consider when choosing a USB car charger:

  • High amp output – 2.1 amps or 2100 mA per USB port is optimal
  • Multiple USB ports
  • Without attached charging cable

8. Seat Cover

Just like an office chair, car seats need to be soft and comfy at all times. 

This is the ultimate purpose of the seat cover.

Other than that, it not only protects the car’s upholstery, it also makes the interior more polished and maintained. 

9. Multi Tool

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Staying safe on the road requires more preparation and equipment.

 Car accessories like multi-tool can be handy during distress. Keeping a small tool box in the car trunk or dashboard would be sufficient.

10. Cargo Bag

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If you need more space for your car, there are plenty of practical options that can be installed on your car’s roof. 

One of them is a cargo bag. It has soft covers that allow you to carry objects or even luggage on your car’s roof.

It is also detachable, so you can remove it anytime. 

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