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Have you ever been driving and thinking, “My car is boring”? We believe that you need some car accessories for you. So now you are thinking where you can get one? Let’s ride safer and more enjoyable with these car accessories. Top Cars Accessories in Malaysia 1. GPS Tracker GPS tracker is a low-cost investment […]

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Looking for GPS Tracker Malaysia? You can find it here. Get Prepared Sdn Bhd offers you various features of GPS tracker devices.  We have user-friendly support systems such as cloud tracking systems and tracking device features. We even tested this innovative tracking system to ensure it helps you make a better decision for GPS tracking. […]


Land Public Transport Agency or APAD will take over most of the functions of the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) which was recently decommissioned. It is good to know that APAD will continue SPAD’s legacy in developing the land public transport system. We’ll discuss the guideline for license renewal for public transport, especially the bus. […]

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There are a number of reasons why you might need to install a GPS tracking device on your vehicles. The question is how to install the device? It this not common for everyone to have a GPS tracking device on their car, but it is certainly handy to have one during emergency. GPS or Global […]

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