gps tracker for fleet

If you are trying to make your car more secure, consider using a GPS tracker. GPS tracker for fleet helps you to track any vehicle and allows you to easily find its location. 

This fleet tracker is a security device and it has become a must device in the car as theft of cars is very prominent on the roads nowadays. 

If the car gets stolen or someone drives your vehicle away, you can use this GPS fleet tracker device to track the vehicle’s location and retrieve it quickly.

This simply shows that it is necessary to have a good device that is tailored to your fleet business needs especially to assist you in monitoring and keeping track of them. 

Nevertheless, you might want to read this article in advance to understand more about the advantages of installing a GPS tracker for your fleet business.

Benefits of Installing GPS Tracker For Fleet

1. Minimize insurance costs

Most insurance companies love GPS tracking systems as it promotes safer driving. Some insurers will even pay for the implementation of GPS tracking technology for your fleet.

However, the insurance companies will have to consider first whether you have taken the steps to avoid vehicle loss by installing the GPS fleet tracking device.

Insurance companies will even reward customers by offering discounts in per cent upon the vehicle insurance costs to any vehicle companies that implement tracking solutions.

The insurance companies also provide security and recovery features that they may look at to reduce the claims. 

2. Fast vehicle retrieval

GPS tracking system helps to show the exact location of the vehicle. The device assists you and the police to track your car when an unfortunate thing occurs, such as your vehicle gets stolen. 

By this fast reaction to theft, it significantly enhances the probability that a car can retrieve before it is stripped down. 

The device also reduces possibilities of vandalism and damage of the vehicle.

3. Health and safety of staff and drivers

When it comes to the safety of your vehicle drivers, you might want to make it your top priority when they drive back and forth for their logistic work. 

Thus, it is essential for you to be aware of your drivers’ whereabouts especially when they need to face any unexpected events such as bad weather. 

This absolutely can be a real worry when the unexpected event occurs. You are not able to find a driver or driver’s location status after a long period of time.

Therefore, with the presence of the map from GPS tracking system data, you may know the driver’s location and find out how long their vehicles have been stationary. 

This also makes it simpler and timelier for drivers to respond to any possible safety problems and concerns later on.

4. Improved customer service with GPS vehicle tracking devices

With this device, you may estimate the real time tracking of your drivers’ driving journey and how far they are from the customer. 

Instead of giving customers approximate time, you may clearly visually precisely the location of your driver on the GPS vehicle device. 

This helps you to notify the customers regarding their pickup, delivery or service arrival time more accurately before driver’s arrival.

If the customer starts calling your company and asks for an estimate of the delivery time, now you can clearly state that the driver is 9 kilometres away and will arrive within 7 minutes.

It somehow makes your customers continue to be impressed towards the quality and accuracy of your delivery service time. 

And, you may already have a significant competitive advantage over your other competitors too.

5. Enhanced productivity and minimize calls to drivers

It is essential to be able to contact the drivers for notification of changes to pickups, deliveries and service calls. 

However, when you make repeated calls asking the drivers whereabouts, you potentially create a disturbance on the drivers when they are focusing on driving to the wanted location.

This clearly sees that you are wasting your time on a fleet of business vehicles calling when there is a tool device to help you ease your difficulties.

Plus, it is impractical to use the driver’s time to find out their current location status. However, you can simply monitor the fleet through a GPS tracking system.

Simply eliminate those calls by using the Live Google location or any online maps to find out the vehicle’s route on the day before you answering the customer’s questions on delivery time.

For special situations such as when the customer wants an immediate pick-up or service call request, you may actually call your closest company vehicle that could possibly make a visit.

And, if one driver is delayed, you can easily call another nearby driver to take over and make a visit to the customer instead. 

In short, this enhances the efficiency of your fleet vehicle company and minimizes unnecessary phone calls to the drivers.

6. Optimize assets of your business vehicle

Through this monitoring feature on the device, you can visual any vehicles that are over or under-used and make firm business decisions regarding the usage of these assets.

This is another efficient boost way for your business in the future.

7. Automatic theft / unauthorised 

The geofencing function is the best feature of the device given in the GPS tracker.

The feature allows you to obtain instant automatic notification by text or email if your vehicle makes any moves to leave the area, such as leaving the work premises or leaving the parking space. 

Therefore, if one of your staff has driven the vehicle out of the area without your permission or theft, you will figure it out easily and respond to them efficiently.


To sum up these points in the article, you can potentially save time and expense of your fleet business vehicles only by using a GPS vehicle fleet tracking system. 

All you need to do is to find essential features of the GPS tracker device, including:

  • Anti-theft system
  • Real-time tracking 
  • High sensitive GPS chipset
  • Built-in dual camera for live surveillance (front and inward).

Get Prepared’s GPS tracking device has these features and several more that can help you cover up all your fleet vehicle business issues in a blink of an eye.

GPS Tracker from Get Prepared 

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