anti theft gps tracker

Wondering how anti theft GPS tracker works? Now you can check locations of anything wherever you planted your GPS tracker on your car.

These innovative systems may protect you from thieves and car burglary.

This article reveals how it works.

What Is GPS-Tracking System?

anti theft gps tracker

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a global radio-navigation, which was established from the constellation of 24 satellites that orbit the earth and their ground stations. 

The technology may pinpoint the ground speed, longitude, latitude and the direction of the target item.

GPS is largely financially supported and controlled by the U.S Department of Defence (DOD). 

It was originally designed for military purposes and widely used in science instead.

But now, it has become a sufficiently low cost that ordinary people like us already started to use GPS systems.

We’re still allowed to use Standard Positioning Service (SPP) without any charges or restrictions. That is a good thing.

How Does It Work?

GPS units use a method called trilateration, which is made up of three major segments.

The three major segments are:

– Space Segments

It is made up of a constellation of satellites that transmit radio signals to users. The 29 to 32 satellites are arranged into six equally spaced orbital circling the earth.

This structure navigates signals, store and retransmit the signal message sent from at least four satellites by control segments. 

– Control Segments

The control segment is formed of a master control stations, ground antennas and monitor stations.

It helps to monitor the satellite signals and forward the information to the master control station and revised it, before forwards it back to the satellites through ground antennas. 

– User Segments

It comprised of the receiver or users, which receive the satellite signals and determine the distance between the satellites.

The special satellite signals that are produced by GPS and processed by a receiver is the one who tracks the exact location and computes those velocities and time for the devices.

The receivers usually appear to be in formats such as tracker devices, mobiles, integrated cars and watches.

This GPS system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network that incorporates a range of satellites, which utilise microwave signals and transmitted to GPS devices. 

These devices will give exact information on location, vehicle speed, time and direction to you – which based on both real-time event and historic navigation data on any journeys.

From a commercial perspective, GPS devices are used to record the position of vehicles when they begin travel journeys.

Here, a passive GPS tracking system will monitor location but store its journey data based on certain types of events.

Meanwhile, an active GPS tracking system will automatically send the information from the GPS system to the central tracking system in real-time along as it happened.

Catching the live tracking is useful from a security perspective as it allows vehicle owners to pinpoint the exact location at any time given, and able to aid the location of stolen vehicles too.

Why Do You Need Anti Theft GPS Tracker? (Features)

The GPS tracker Malaysia, Get Prepared has its own best features to offer to GPS users out there. This comes with anti theft GPS tracker system to relocate a stolen vehicle. 

  • Voice Monitoring
  • Anti-Theft System
  • Battery Backup Built In
  • Realtime Tracking Via Web And Mobile Apps
  • Realtime Fuel Monitoring
  • High Sensitive GPS Chipset
  • Support Two Way Communication
  • Built-In Dual Camera For Live Surveillance (front and inward) 

Features such as real-time tracking, anti-theft system and camera for live surveillance are several significant things which allow you to provide extra safety measures for you and your family members.

The ability to track the whereabouts of people and vehicles in real-time is immense.

You will get instant notification of important incidents that make the GPS trackers as one of the best safety GPS tracking systems on the market.

Who Is It For?

– You or your company that owns the vehicles or assets to be track and monitor their route.

– Your own vehicles or assets that might be taken/stolen without your permission

– You, as a parent who wants to check up on your under 18+ children, especially their location,

– You want to track and monitor a car or high-valued assets for the purpose of legal repossession in the transit.

How Much Will It Cost?

The common question that many fleet owners received is “What this GPS tracking software is going to cost me?”

The installation network to install GPS devices for the customers will always come at an additional cost to customers. 

This contrast to the GPS tracking devices by Get Prepared. 

GPS Trackers by Get Prepared

 Get Prepared Sdn Bhd, a local-based company that provides you with onsite installation service of the device.

They offer a free trial 7 days program, that certainly going to save you from going through such hassle in the future. 

They even have user-friendly support systems such as cloud tracking systems and tracking device features that give a stunning interface that is loaded with informative and useful data.

With the presence of efficient and durable anti-theft GPS tracker by Get Prepared, now you can easily control over the valuable item, including its whereabouts and keep track of it.

What are you waiting for? 

Get yourself safely protected by best GPS trackers in the market, Get Prepared right away.

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