fleet management system

The larger the business, the larger the fleet. Fleet management system, if it’s not handled properly, it could bring loss to your business. You need a tool that is tailored and suits your business to assist you in monitoring.

But before that, do you actually understand how the fleet management system works?

For that, read this article to know what and which fleet management system that you can really rely on.

What Is Fleet Management?

Fleet (vehicle) management is an administrative approach where it allows for the companies to organize, coordinate and maintain optimal use of work vehicles. 

It entails the use of database information software and telematics and GPS tracking software.

Couriers, oil and gas delivery, utilities, repair and service industry normally apply it, but fleet management technology is used in the boating industry as well.

What Is The Purpose Of Fleet Management System?

The purpose of fleet management is to ensure the flow of work vehicles are operating smoothly.

It seeks ways to enhance the performance by track and manage the activities, conditions of vehicles and construction equipment while operating with minimum cost and maintain compliance with government regulations. 

With the rise and presence of software-as-a-service (SaaS), industries have completed the fulfilment of hardware requirements.

How Does A Fleet Management System Works?

The fleet management system is the sum of multiple components such as software, telematics, maintenance planning, security systems, parts management and warranty tracking. 


An integral part of the fleet management process, where you can manage through the cloud to create reports, communicate with drivers and create schedules.


With the combination of GPS navigation with on-board diagnostic sensors, you can record your vehicle location and its optimum performance at any given time.

Maintenance Planning

The system alerts you regarding vehicle’s maintenance, drivers, managers for safety and to avoid any compliance issues.

Security Systems

A device that enables centralized control and security management where it can control over any stolen vehicle and reduce its speed.

Part Management And Warranty Tracking

Help to track inventory and warranties include providing automated and streamline which approach to maintenance and repairs.

What Are The Benefits Of Fleet Management?

To ensure your business is well-managed can be quite challenging, but it is compulsory to keep its growth and sustainability.

Having fleet management in business offers you several host benefits, which at the same time, help to secure your business from unwanted market fluctuation and hidden cost.

Below here are the benefits to prove that fleet management generally significant for your business and you cannot afford to continue without it:

Eliminating Employee Fraud

With fleet management solutions, having a lot of paperwork, such as a handwritten time report sheet is no longer essential. 

You can remove the guesswork and let the software take over, to do the work while mitigating potential discrepancies.

Maintaining Safe and Reliable Vehicles

With fleet management solutions that have ongoing ‘eye’ on your vehicles, you can detect earlier vehicle issues before it becomes fully disable.

Having a broken vehicle without notice might cause you to not prepare for the issues and you might spend more resources on new equipment to fix the vehicle.

Improving Reporting

With fleet management acts as a vital tool, you can collect and capture enough information from vehicle tracking. 

Getting proper maintenance is not sufficient enough as you might need visibility over-time metric to ensure your fleet vehicle is delivering optimal performance.

What Is A Fleet Manager?

Fleet managers are known to be a logistic specialist in the transportation industry. 

Their primary job responsibilities are more to ensure operational efficiency, including an assist on recruiting quality drivers into a fleet, keep detailed vehicle records and scheduling vehicle maintenance. 

Other fleet manager responsibilities are:

  • Purchase and maintain vehicles for deliveries
  • Assist in recruiting quality drivers into the fleet
  • Develop an efficient driver schedule to enhance the number of profits
  • Managing the drivers to ensure they adhere to the strict schedule
  • Develop strategies for greater fuel efficiency
  • Keep the detailed records of vehicle servicing and inspection.
  • Ensure the operational efficiency by scheduling regular vehicle maintenance.
  • Monitoring driver behaviour and ensuring a level of customer service.

They also require having that excellent leadership, decision-making skills and outstanding organizational skill to discipline their drivers to make use of the time efficiently.

What Is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software is a standalone app or cloud product where it helps the business to its optimal work. 

It helps to keep a record of all vehicles that have already been purchased or leased, including their specification, details of maintenance, service and other histories.

With the software’s capability, it manages fleet to bring numerous benefits such as:

  • Automates tasks
  • Connects vehicles
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Real-time insights for both drivers and vehicles management
  • Reduce costs

The fleet management also involves a telematics unit with a human interface device. This telematics is described to use information technology in remote communication. 

Fleet telematics system supports the exchange of information between vehicles in the fleet and central locations, records them using GPS and onboard diagnostics.

The fleet management software, a combination of hardware and software delivers different types of functionality:

1. Routing

  • Asset tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Route planning and optimization
  • Custom mapping

2. Fuel Management

  • Engine idling
  • Fuel cards
  • Remote fuel tank monitoring
  • Fuel management report
  • IFTA fuel tracking
  • Fleet emission

3. Drivers Management

  • Driver profile
  • Behaviour monitoring
  • E-logs for Hours of Service (HOS)

4. Shipment Management

  • Delivery scheduling and dispatch
  • Rates and quotes management
  • Compliance documents
  • Cost analysis
  • Cargo optimization
  • Inventory functionality

5. Vehicle Maintenance

  • Remote diagnostic
  • Vehicle inspection DVIR
  • Service history recording
  • Maintenance alert

6. Security and Safety Features

  • Road hazard alert
  • Remote control
  • Accident detection and reporting
  • Roadside assistance
  • Dashcam

Now you know the benefits that you can reap from implementing a fleet management solution in your vehicle business. 

It is time for you to step up your game to go over fleet management software solutions that can assist you in handling the transportations. 

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